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 Guild Information

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PostSubject: Guild Information   Guild Information Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 1:40 pm

General Information

  • Shadow Consortium is a PvP oriented guild. We work as a group to achieve our goals. With Shadow Consortium, you will often find yourself going up against large groups of enemy players. The saying goes, "If they're not Shadow Consortium, then they're fair game."

  • We are serious about succeeding in this game and expect all members to have ambitions of grandeur and aim high. Of course, we also expect everyone to have fun playing as well. It's much more fun to be on the winning team.

  • We do not play this game to boost our reputation and we do not look for anyone's respect. We play to crush, and we hope all applicants do as well.

Guild Structure

  • Shadow Consortium is a dictatorship guild that revolves around PvP. This means that all orders come from one sole source - the Guild Leader - and they must be obeyed. Leadership qualities may also be delegated to the Guild Officers in the Guild Leader's absence.

  • Everyone is expected to follow the orders of the Guild Leader like clockwork, especially in PvP situations. If a member does not follow orders adequately or satisfactorily, that member will be kicked out of the guild, no questions asked. We will typically give a member a few strikes before they are kicked out of the guild, depending on the severity of their ignorance or suckage.

  • If you join and play with Shadow Consortium, then you're working towards the betterment of the guild as a whole. That means: helping out other guild members when needed, helping out in PvP situations, helping with farming for materials, and whatnot, even if the arising situation does not benefit your character.


  • Everyone who joins Shadow Consortium is required to have Ventrilo and required to have a microphone to communicate back. If you don't have the Ventrilo client please download it.You may download it at Download the client that suits your computer.

Vent settings and information:

Username: IGN(InGameName) - SC
Phonetic: IGN(InGameName) - SC

Server: RF Equilibrium
Hostname or IP:
Port number: 4696

Loot System

  • Shadow Consortium does not use a FREE FOR ALL system. Instead, everyone who participated in a Pit boss run will have a fair chance of getting item(s) that were dropped by the Pit boss. The item(s) will go to the member who needs them the most. If everyone who participated in the Pit boss run has no use for the item(s) that were dropped, the item(s) will be given to guild members that did not participate in the Pit boss run, put in the guild bank, or put up on the auction house.

  • If a loot item replaces a guild member's item, then the guild member will surrender the replaced item and give it to another guild member that can benefit from it, unless the item being replaced is soulbound.

  • We will continue doing the Pit boss run until everyone in the guild has what they want. Guild members may not get what they want all the time, but we work as a guild to retrofit everyone with what they want.

  • A non-FREE FOR ALL system benefits our guild as a whole since we keep the amount of guild members low. This makes it far easier to equip everyone with the best gear possible.

Weak Classes

  • If we deem a class that is weak, we generally ask members who are currently playing those classes to reroll to a better one, unless the said member proves his or her ability with that particular class.

  • If you are posting an application and your character is a class that we decided is weak, then your application will most likely be rejected unless you prove to be truly exceptional and beat all odds with that particular class.

Ready to Apply?

  • If you have read all of the above and you feel that Shadow Consortium is definitely the guild for you, then post an application using the provided Application Template.
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Guild Information
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