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 RF dead here?

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RF dead here? Empty
PostSubject: RF dead here?   RF dead here? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2016 5:06 am

Hey guys!

Is there anyone that is going to be playing on the new server on RedFox?

It's gonna release 15 March. Smile

For people that hasn't heard about it.

Gamescampus made a Steam Greenlight and it got passed, but something seems to have went wrong since that was 1+ years ago. They shutdown their servers this Feb.

And now RedFox has taking over the hosting of the servers, they already got a server that people could get their gamecampus characters over to. But now they are going to start a fresh new server. (Level 65 Cap Version)

I can understand that most of you guys are done with this game by now, I believe that newer version back on Gamescampus was the last straw for most of you. But I like to go back to this game now and then. Very Happy
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RF dead here?
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