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 Legion Rules

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PostSubject: Legion Rules   Legion Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 10:59 am

These are some of the rules we want all of our members to follow.

If it's all fun and games, it's cool, as long as you make sure the one you're messing with knows that it's for fun.
We mess around with eachother alot, but if it gets out of hand it is up to you and the ones involved to step up and stop it, before it ends with rage-quitting.
We're all here to have fun, so make sure we're ALL having fun!

Whenever you are playing Aion-Empire, we want you to be on Mumble.
This rule applies to EVERYONE, no exceptions.
If you refuse to be on Mumble, you will be kicked.
You are NOT required to talk, as long as you listen and follow leader's commands.

Inactivity for 7 days will result in a kick from the Legion.
Once kicked, you are allowed to join again if you decide to start playing again.
After being kicked 3 times for this reason, you will never be invited back. It's bye-bye.
To avoid being kicked for this reason, make sure you tell a centurion before going away, so that we know that you didn't just quit the game.
If you are going on a vacation or have real-life to deal with, we understand.

Leaders of Red Dawn:

Brigade General
- Kapot

- Buzzkillington

- Barricade
- Zelgadis
- Icarus
- Weazel
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Legion Rules
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