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 Welcome to Red Dawn

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PostSubject: Welcome to Red Dawn   Welcome to Red Dawn Icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 10:28 am

- Introduction
- Alliances
- Our Goal
- Requirements

's leader , long serving centurions and his loyal members have been together for like 3-4 years. We are a small gaming group that came from the games like: Allods, RF-Online and sticked together from that moment. We are experienced players that game serious but when times are slow mumble is always quite entertaining(ventrillo/teamspeak sort of program). We know what we're doing and we are a tight knit family who trust eachother and are willing to teach others and accept them into our family. So we got our own mumble server and the moment it's gaming time we get on it and team up with the rest.
We stick together to make this legion the best legion known to the Asmodians, once again.
We intend to show the Elyos, that there is such a thing as Asmodians United into a strong legion. Up till a few weeks back the Elyos had a very easy victory over the Asmodians because we did not fight as a faction but as solo players.

Alliances are the most important thing if you want to succeed. To help eachother, Gear Eachother, be there if they need help and be helped if we need it. The Alliance is a part of our family just as well as the legion members are.

Current Allies - Asmodian Tears

Our Goal
[/b]Our goal is to be the best legion/most succesfull on Asmodian territory.
In order to obtain that, we need to keep growing and growing. We intend to be able to kill any boss without problems, kill any elyos that comes across our path and be a family to eachother.
To be an active legion we will kick anyone who's been offline for 7 days without noticedand we will recruit anyone above level 15 who meets the following requirements.
There are some requirements that need to be met to join RedDawn

  • -Mumble!
    WE use voice software program called "mumble" it's the same as TeamSpeak, Ventrillo or Skype, but much better, we are always on here when we are playing. So i suggest give it a try . You dont have to talk but listening is required when pvp or instances.
  • -Active and Fun
    Be online as much as you can. Regocnize a joke. We mess around alot on mumble , don't take it personally.
  • -Experienced or a Quick learner/Willing to learn.
    We will teach you anything there is to be taught, though you have to be willing to learn.
  • -Maturity
    This doen't mean you need to be 18 , this means you have to act mature when needed, as I always say, there is no Age limit to being a jackass. (We fool around too, Don't Worry.)
  • -Common Sense
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    Don't be a dickhead, rascist and the likes. Don't ask for drops, Centurion positions or spam the legion chat.

Brigade General
- Kapot
Second in Command
- Buzzkillington
- Barricade
- Zelgadis
- Icarus
- Weazel

Legion mumble :
we use "mumble 1.2.2" as voice communication software , it's the same thing as ventrillo and teamspeak, but much better quality and handling.
Iformation about our server will be given once we get into contact with eachother.

Recruitment Policy
RedDawn is currently leveling and having fun.
We try to stick together with the leveling part, so we can do stuff as a group, wich will increase fun. Since the End game already started but on a low fire, we will try to get there but not at the cost of losing some nice ingame instances or other interesting PVE stuff. We will try to be a guild for every level atm and every class. But will all change when certain classes become overplayed.
Leave a message behind if youre interested including:
1. Ingame name:
2. Class:
3 . Are you willing to download mumble 1.2.2 and come online and just listen, for better communciation?: yes/no
(You dont have to talk, listenning is good enof , just makes pve and pvp faster, typing gets you killed Wink)
so we can look you up.

Greetz Hash,
Gladiator: Kapot
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Welcome to Red Dawn
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