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 WTB> perf. eye HS [ RFE]

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Asmodian Army 2-Star Officer

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WTB> perf. eye HS   [ RFE] Empty
PostSubject: WTB> perf. eye HS [ RFE]   WTB> perf. eye HS   [ RFE] Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 11:39 pm

gayz zup..

well i badly needed sum perf eyes [ violent wilds] sum speed up,
well for sure i cant have it fo free wkwkwkwkwkwk..then am a buy those for ya.

for sure u wont need sum CP ei,well all i can offer will be ur basic commodities fo
the game..talkin bout potion stacks [ POP55, stealth, 1sec cure etc.] of choice..

well i wud like to offer 12stacks of it..payable in 2 weeks lol wkwkwk..
so for 2 weeks i will be supplying ya those stuffs since i can only have 6 stacks
a week fo me 3 accounts[am a good guy now lul..]..

so guyz i know this is a lame offer..but pls do consider it What a Face

well am currently referring to absurd aka BertingLabra [wtf] No he has 1 fo sale..
if ya guyz imean gayz also have it and not using it pls lemme buy least u
had helped me ayt il be w8in fo sum replies here..thx bounce
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WTB> perf. eye HS [ RFE]
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