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 War Types (pvp)

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PostSubject: War Types (pvp)   War Types (pvp) Icon_minitimeSun May 01, 2011 12:04 am

Faction War:
War Types (pvp) Watch?v=-lFqW--347I&feature=fvwrel

This is faction war, the translation above this one is a guide to RTS use, understand the units/mechs.

Name: AGT, Battle for Kanilda Plateau
Date: 10-07-10

Hello, greetings from Argo representitive [GM] Lady luck.
Taken from AGT(Argo game tip) encyclopedia, Lacroix.

◈ 1. The structure of Kanilda plateau
Kanilda consists of 2 main bases and 4 outposts for each faction(shown on the map).
The earthdium mining spots are guarded by unique mobs found only on Kanilda. In order to mine, those must be taken care of first so that the mining units can actually mine.
War Types (pvp) Img_notice_100709_4

Top are floressrah bases, bottom are noblian. Blue text is the heart of kanilda mechanism area and box spawn area. Rest are outposts.

◈ 2. The flow of the overall process before the start

+ Your getting into Kanilda
From 19:00 to 19:50(pay no att to the time, but the 50min interval) players above lv 30 can register at the Kanilda detachment npc(name can vary) in the cities. A person can also apply as commander. Only the first 100 who applied will get in, so make haste.
After the candidates for commander have been elected, at the 50th min mark, they enter Kanilda and cannot leave for 10 minutes. They fight a battle which decides the actual commander of Kanilda during that time(I cannot make complete sense out of this sentence, the grammar is horribly complicated).

During these 10 minutes the regulars can enter spectator mode and view the battlefield.

Kanilda consumable items have been added in Highlands, level 45 required.

+The rite of commander

If a commander is defeated by the enemy commanders, he enters spectator mode and can view the battlefield until the rite is over.

Left clicking in spectator mode enables view over a different area.

+A battle for supremacy
After both sides have elected their commander( by voting I'm guessing), the guild with THE MOST GUILD POINTS will be chosen. From this guild the people with the highest rank are chosen by the system to assist the commander as councilors.

Points for each side are gained by defending the respective bases/outposts and destroying the other side's. There are guard NPCs at each fortification. If a side's both bases are destroyed, it loses the war.

If a race has lost the war, it is forced to move out of the Highlands(Kanilda). I'm guessing they get ported out or sth. The winning faction gets boxes which contents vary from gold to items. Boxes get summoned on the field.
I'm reading something that refers that you can get boxes with the points you got during the war, might be wrong, need confirmation.

Boxes spawn where the blue text on the image is.

+++ Tips to win +++

1. Preserve and occupy
Each side has 2 bases, both noblian and floressrah(yes it's R). At the end of war, if a side has 2 bases, and the other has only 1, regardless of points, the one with 2 bases will win.

2. Get points!
You have limited time to acquire and pile points, race for it. Here's the chart

Killing a patrol +3 points
Destruction of a spawn point +5 points(wdf?)
Killing a guard +10 points
Killing an ally -10 points(again...wdf?)
Killing an enemy faction member +30 points
Killing the enemy commander/councilor +50 points
Breaching the base gates +50 points
Acquiring a Kanilda token +100 points(clueless)
Preserving the Kanilda heart mechanism +200 points(guessing its in the middle of the map, blue text)
Destroying an enemy fortification +250 points(outposts)
Destroying an enemy base +1000 points( main base)

◈ 3. Where everyone's role stands.

The commander is responsible for his race, no matter how small the force is, it's his duty to fight and acquire key points on the the map.

The commander is able to see when he presses M the status of friendly and enemy fortifications(I think health or something). Please use this frequently.

The points that the commander gains can be used to buy guard towers and place them on the map to aid his allies. They are strong fire support for your allies.

Regulars can buy units from merchants on the map by mining earthdium and then buying more, such as assault units, general ones. Units are melee, short range and long range type. Regulars cannot purchase towers. By placing mining units on the map, ore can be mined.

Stats on Kanilda units have been adjusted.

Thank you for reading.

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War Types (pvp)
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